Wild South Award of Distinction, Presented to Susan Stone by Tracy Davids, Executive Director, Wild South

Stone Digital Media is located in Staunton, Virginia, the Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley.  We specialize in high-quality, affordable video and slideshow productions for websites, special events, and social media. Our company philosophy is built around two simple ideals: quality products and excellent service.

Formerly from Asheville, North Carolina, I launched Stone Digital Media in 2008 to pursue my passion of telling stories through my digital productions. Stories…they can inspire, teach, engage, and motivate us. People use to gather around campfires, in town squares, and in living rooms to share their special stories. In recent times, some people have lamented that the art of storytelling has been lost amidst the rise of the new technologies. Perhaps there is some truth to this…or perhaps it’s just the way that we tell our stories that has changed.

Take a look at our work on our website – perhaps you’ll get inspired with some ideas for your project. Whatever you have in mind, we can help you. Just call (540) 416-1558 to get in touch with us. Thanks! – Susan Stone





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