Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

This Cinderella “Once Upon A Time” is another theme we offer for wedding rehearsal or reception slideshows. Many custom effects were crafted including the video clip of the engagement ring. Wedding credits included at the end. Custom DVD case and discs were created and duplicated for family.

Reception Slideshow

Celebrate the happy couple with a beautiful slideshow! This slideshow was created as a surprise gift for the bride and groom and shown during their reception.  It comes with a custom DVD case and disc.

Commitment Ceremony

This was created for a couple’s Commitment Ceremony and to celebrate their family’s love; the entire show has 3 chapters and this is the first one.

Wedding DVD Keepsake

Produced as a DVD Keepsake gift for the bride, groom and family members.  Photos from the wedding were provided to create this special video. Custom DVD case and disc included.

Wedding Anniversary DVD Keepsade

There is no better gift than a slide show to celebrate an anniversary of a wonderful love story! This slideshow was created as a DVD Keepsake gift from their children to celebrate their parents 65th Wedding Anniversary. Each photograph was digitally restored. Custom DVD insert and disc included.

Bar Mitzvah Receptions

This video slideshow weaves family photos with special effects, animations, and music tracks chosen by the family. It includes a memorial scroll at the end to honor the memory of those family members who had passed. It was projected onto a 20 feet screen at the reception party.

Memorial Tributes

This video slideshow was created to honor the life of Dave Kayman, beloved husband of Jean Kayman. Major photo restoration was done to restore the photographs to as close as possible to the original state from years ago.

Family Reunion

Excerpt from slideshow created for family reunion.

Family History

The use of narration brings to life this amazing piece of family history, a letter written by a family member, Mrs. Rose Patton Lee, after the Civil War ended.  This is an excerpt  from the Porter Family History.

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