Family History


When a story is told, it is not forgotten…it becomes something else…the memory of who we were, the hope of what we can become. The legacy most valuable for future generations is that of stories. We are richer, by far, for inheriting these stories, which will continue to resonate long after our time, and will allow future generations to have a visual feeling of who you were.

 At Stone Digital Media we create quality family history photo slideshow productions. Our  photo slideshow productions are created from your photos, slides and video footage. We add names, dates, pans and zooms, special effects, and audio to create your family history documentary that will virtually bring your ancestors to life. We remove spots from old slides and photos and enhance them so they will look great when they appear on your TV or computer. The process will also ensure your old family photos are saved digitally so they don’t fade, discolor or become further damaged by acids or mold.Tell your story – pass along your values – leave a legacy on video to inspire and inform present and future generations.   

“I could not have created such a wonderful Porter Family History production without the excellent services of Susan Stone. She was so patient and thorough, whenever I could not figure out a way to get what I wanted, Susan was there with a solution much better than I would have been capable of producing. I highly recommend her services.” -Benjamin Porter

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