Latest Video

This video was created to be used as an introduction for various presentations for Shenandoah Green, a non-partisan, grass-roots organization. This video is also being used across various social media platforms.

Event Promos

Promote your special event with a video that can be easily shared across social media platforms. This video achieves the impact needed to excite and engage new participants. TEDxNext Generation is a celebration of visionary ideas that spark conversations that matter.

Fundraiser Events

This video tribute was produced for an annual fundraiser to honor a lifetime achievement. Using a blend of archival print photos, digital images and video clips, this video captures a glance into the history of the AJCC as it pays tribute to the recipients.

Website Videos

The use of video on your website increases your search engine optimization, which means you’re going to get more people to your website. This video was produced for DeSoto County Greenways to introduce a new audience to the green spaces and trails throughout DeSoto County, MS. Through the use of images and video excerpts, the video […]

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